AllSource PPS

AllSource PPS becomes the employer of record for named resource workers, adding a layer of support for hiring managers and workers while reducing cost, time-to-productivity, and liability. By focusing on workforce planning and implementing effective HR solutions, AllSource PPS enhances employee management and streamlines the talent acquisition processes, contributing significantly to staff retention and job satisfaction through strategic recruitment strategies.

Efficient Solutions for Modern Workforce Challenges:

Acting as the employer of record for contingent workers, including those ineligible as independent contractors or without agency representation.

Comprehensive payroll management for paychecks and temporary staffing, ensuring financial accuracy and timeliness.

Mitigating risks associated with dispute resolution, communication, and employee benefits through a cost-efficient model, offering savings of approximately 15% compared to traditional staffing agencies.

Simplified On-Boarding

AllSourcePPS offers an expedited onboarding experience through our online platform, providing web-based applications and forms supported by 24/7 customer assistance. Our 48-hour enrollment process, complete with electronic signatures, pre-employment screening, and verification, ensures a smooth transition for new hires, boosting employee productivity and workplace efficiency.

Decreased Liability

We prioritize the correct classification of contingent workers to decrease related liabilities. AllSourcePPS oversees all necessary legal documentation, including annual payroll tax filings, and assumes all risks related to compliance, communication, and benefits management, ensuring HR best practices are adhered to.

AllSource PPS Benefits

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